Thursday, April 1, 2010

We like this day - no joke!

April Fool’s Day will always be a special day to us. On this day last year we got the call with our court date to finalize Blake’s adoption. We had been waiting for 4 long months to be reunited with him. That call allowed us to stop focusing on how much we missed him and instead focus on how excited we were to see him again.

We enjoy connecting with other families that are going through the process of adopting from Vladivostock. I have been praying for this particular family.  Because of a citizenship issue, they have been waiting for 8 months now to be reunited with their daughter. My heart breaks for them! We often say that this process has so much to do about hoop jumping and very little to do with what is best for children. Here is a video that was posted to this family’s blog that is an example of how a technicality can hold up the process of children being placed in a family. Video:  Red Tape

Update: We have NOTARIZED copies of both our state police clearance. Our master agreement with World Links has been sent. We are STILL waiting to hear from our doctor’s office about our medicals and what appointments we need to make. All in all are moving right along.


Jodi Hails said...

Good Luck with everything. You all enjoy happiness and you are a great mother and father to the 3 children you have now. Keep the blog going, love it!!

True Story said...

Does it feel a little easier this time now that you know exactly what products they are looking for?
Hope they don't read Justin's psychological exam. : )
Love you guys, Us