Friday, April 30, 2010

Bilateral Treaty?? - Talks resume May 12th

I try to sift through information we receive and not overact.  I would like to stick to the facts and not speculation.  Lord knows I make enough of my OWN speculations!! 

One Source: This week Russian State Duma took a new bill into committee that seeks to amend the Russian Family Code to require a treaty between Russia and the home country of the adoptive parents when an international adoption takes place in Russia. The bill, in the State Duma document database as No. 364094-5, has been assigned to the State Duma Committee for Family, Women, and Children's Matters. If passed this bill would allow Russian officials to suspend adoptions to Americans until a bilateral treaty is worked out between the two countries, which is what has been is discussion at the recent meeting in Moscow between the US and Russia.

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Jennifer said...

It seems like things look that your take? Its hard to read through or listen through the "proper talk"...LOL!!