Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Donation Thank You

First let us apologize for how long it has taken us to get this message out. Thank you to those of you that helped us raise a little over $1500. We worked with the director of Boston’s orphanage to determine what their greatest needs were. They actually needed a new copier desperately. At first we were hesitant because we were clear that our donation was to be specifically for the children. But it didn’t take long for us to be convinced that the copier was in fact for the children. The staff has to prepare sooooo many documents for the children to be adopted, and we know that is a fact from firsthand experience! So to help the adoption process of many children we agreed to take them shopping for a copier that would meet their needs. We encouraged them to get everything they needed. They ended up with a copier/printer/fax machine, extra toner, a digital camera, and a new phone for the office. All of that totalled about $500. So we had $1000 remaining. After much thought and consideration, we donated the money to a program called the Grandma Mentoring Program.
You can use this link to read more about that program.

As a result of learning about the Grandma Mentoring Program and the fact that we will always feel a connection with the orphans in Vladivostok, we are now helping to develop an organization called Orphans at Play. Orphans at Play believes in the art of play and loving interaction with children in order to strengthen the development in each child. There are a lot of fundraising efforts and such going on right now to help us reach our first goal. That goal is to get two ‘grandmas/grandpas’ (mentors) into four orphanages for the next year. If you would like to learn more about what we are trying to do or help out in any way, please check out our website at .

Just to show you what a little love and interaction can do, I have attached a couple of pictures of Boston for you. In less than 6 months he has grown 2 inches, gained 3 pounds, and has managed to wrap this entire family around his little finger!

Thank you again for your support. It means a lot to us!
~Justin and Heather

Before: One of Boston's referral photos.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Exciting News: Orphans at Play Store is Now Open!

Check out the new custom designed necklaces. These are perfect for showing your Russian adoption pride, bringing awareness to children in Russia and supporting Orphans at Play's Grandma Mentoring Program. Proceeds will directly be given to our Grandma program and helping the children of Vladivostok who are waiting for families.

Interact in play. Support Through Love. Increase growth and development.         

Simply put: Play. Love. Grow.          

New products will be released throughout the next few weeks. Need a special birthday gift? Thinking about the perfect present for a family coming home from Russia? Or a baby shower gift? A wonderful teacher? These special designs come with a ribbon tie necklace and a special note to say thank you for helping us give back.

We will be releasing the rest of the designs in the brochure throughout the week!

Orphans At Play Store