Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spreading the Word

My hope is that someday in the very near future I can actually get back to blogging.  I really do miss it.  In the meantime here is information I wanted to help get out there to people....

Have an ol' piece of luggage laying around? Donate it to Orphans at Play Winter Jackets n' Hats Drive and give those traveling with donations a good opportunity for an easy delivery to children in need. If you happen to be traveling soon, why not fill an ol' piece of luggage with jackets n hats for a baby home, baby hospital or orphanage. The winter months are ahead and brrr... with cool, often snowy months on average 7f -14c degrees in Vladivostok, a warm hat or cozy jacket becomes a necessity.

Children in Vladivostok have incredibly warm hearts and the sweetest smiles. We want to do everything we can to comfort them while they wait for loving families to take them home. Please help us give back as so many of us have clothes too small for our children laying around in a closet. Or if you have the talent to knit, think of all of the children who will smile as they are given a handmade hat made just for them.

We have reached out across the country and the following people have volunteered their time and efforts for collection. If you are near by one of these areas, contact the person below.

The following contacts are available for area drop off locations:
Jody in Greenville, Ohio

Autumn in Denair, California

Lilian in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Meredith in Cleveland, Ohio

Melissa in Alabama

Christen in Elmhurst, Illinois

Sabrina in Florida

HunterAnn in Seattle, Washington

If you prefer to send the items, please contact Jody .

Family or friends - if this is something you would like to participate in I too can collect items and see that they get to the appropriate people.