Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Are The Truth – Adoption Blogger Day

The Joint Council on International Children’s Services is taking steps to share the positive stories of children adopted from Russia. Our family has sure been blessed by Blake and I wanted to make sure I took a minute to share some of the highlights. I am going to copy another person’s idea of doing the ABC’s of A.D.O.P.T.I.O.N.

A is for Attachment

Attachment is one of the biggest fears we can face when parenting. Will we love our child enough? Will he/she love us back? Will our bond be special? Will he know that he can rely on us and no longer have to fend for himself all of the time? We are very happy to say that we feel Blake has attached to us very quickly. Sometimes he is still a little more 'friendly’ with strangers than we are comfortable with, but the progress that has been made in the past year is exciting.
D is for Discovery

Each stage of parenting we discover a new challenge. We also discover new joys. Blake could have totally shut down and withdrew from us when he arrived home, but he didn’t. He embraced his new life and all of his new discoveries.
O is for Ornery

Part of Blake’s personality is he is ornery in a fun way. His orneriness is most apparent when he is playing with his big sister and big brother. They have so much fun together.

P is for Poser

Blake likes to have his picture taken. He is a total cheese ball! Of course his adorable smile and gorgeous eyes makes him a great subject to photograph.

T is for Transportation

Blake loves anything with wheels! He tells Justin all of the time, “Daddy – I like your truck.” He even has made some elderly people’s day by complementing them on their walkers that have the little seat you can sit on and wheels.
Photo courtesy of Lauren Hensley
I is for “I like it allllll day”

That is one of Blake’s famous phrases that many of us have begun using. We can say, “Blake do you want to go to school?” He’ll say, “Yeah – I like it alllll day”. We can say, “Blake do you want some more M & Ms?” He’ll say, “Yeah – I like them alllll day!”
O is for Overstreet

Blake is an Overstreet through and through. He loves chocolate. He understands our sarcastic humor and is learning to give it right back to us. He has compassion for others. He is learning about having a strong faith. And he knows that family is one of our most prized ‘possessions’.

N is for Never-ending

The amount of love we have for Brady, Madison, and Blake is never-ending. The challenges that we face to be good parents is never-ending. The gratefulness we have that God led us on a path to bring Blake into our lives is never-ending.
Professional photos Courtesy of Mary Efflandt Photography


Amber D said...

Well put! I will pray that they listen! Seeing all of these pictures amazes me. How it it possible that you went all the way to Russia to adoopt a little boy that looks just like Justin!

Gloria said...

Awesome post! Great job! Love seeing all the pictures of the kids!

True Story said...

Great job Heather... my eyes are sweating: ) Love you!