Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photo book

Day 7 of 10 today… It is getting harder on us to talk with Brady, Madison, and Blake. They seem to be doing great, but we miss them so much. We have no doubt in our mind we made the right decision to return to Russia one last time. B absolutely is meant to be an Overstreet. It amazes us still how God knows what is best for us and our family!

To answer another question that was asked, yes B was able to keep his precious little cross necklace. We actually haven’t taken it off of him yet. When we are out of ‘confinement’ and are able to go downtown, we are going to try to find another cross just like it. We would like for him to be able to continue to wear it, but we would like to put the original in a safe spot for him to have when he gets older.

If you remember, with the help of many other families, we put together a photo book entitled The Children of Vladivostok. On each page there are pictures of children adopted from the Primorsky region. There is a before and an after photo – that was then this is now. The response to the books has been just what we hoped for. Here is the comment that made us know it was worth the time and cost to print the books: “Oh, the book is so special! Now I can show Russian people who do not understand why we work with adopting families why we do it. These families (in the book) are so special and the children look so happy.” The book brings a smile to each person’s face that sees it. Tatiana, the director of Ussuryisk, cried when she looked at the pictures. The waitresses here at the Vlad Inn remember many of the families. There is a book being taken to the Department of Education. This is the place where we need the book to make the most positive impact. I don’t know if we will hear about their reactions or not, but we pray that the families represented in the book can leave a lasting impression.

B is calling for my attention. Time for more chasing, tickling, kisses, hugs, and giggles (and I bet a diaper change!).


Ashley said...

awesome!! How exciting that your efforts with The Children of Vladivostok book are coming to prove such a success. Great job! I hope to see the book someday for myself @ the Vlad Inn :)

Jody said...

As thankful as I am that we are home with Jack, I so wish that we could see that book!!! Maybe someday.... Ha ha.
Blessings as you continue your time in Vlad. I'd love to give all those Vlad Inn ladies a big ole hug. They seem so much like family!!

David & Jodi said...

Great to hear that the book is being so well received. I think that the people who work in international adoption do really appreciate the effort. When we brought our book to Kemerovo region the orphanage director asked if she could show it to the press so everyone could see how wonderful the kids are doing. I don't know if she ever did, but I hope so.

sonflowerjax said...

What an amazing thing to have all the changed lives and happy faces to show in one book. I pray that after each person sees the book they are moved to further help the cause of uniting orphans with their forever families! at a time! :) ...or sometimes 2, or 3! ;)