Monday, April 11, 2011

April 12, 2011

Today Justin is in downtown Vladivostok getting official paperwork taken care of. Irina and Lana stopped by to pick him up and took Boston’s passport picture. Tomorrow we will all head downtown to finish up the paper work and then we leave on Thursday morning to head to Moscow. We are of course very ready to be home, but both Justin and I feel a bit sad and perhaps nostalgic about leaving the birthplace of two of our sons. Knowing that we are very likely never going to see Irina and Lana again is heartbreaking as well. It is a little ironic that we leave Vlad for the last time on April 14th which is the day we arrived in Vlad in 2009 for Blake’s adoption. It is like our journey has come full circle.

Boston continues to spread his wings each day. He responds to the name Boston exclusively although I still call him Baby B. Brady is my big B, Blake is my little B, and Boston is my baby B. Madison of course is the little princess (and knows it too!).

As I mentioned, bath time started out as a rough time. Here is how we have progressed. 

Boston gets so excited now when he hears the bath water run. I turned my back to get his bath toys and he hopped in the tub with his pajamas and diaper sill on! (BTW – the water isn’t usually that rusty color – I don’t know what the deal was first thing this morning.)

Here is Boston and his girlfriend favorite waitress Karina. Last night he gave her a little going away present of chocolates and coffee!

Playing outside is by far his favorite thing to do!


amy and kevin said...

Wow - he looks soooooooooo happy :) What a cutie!

Mary Ann said...

Oh, my gosh! He is so handsome!!!! And, he has a really neat name.