Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 4th – Day 4 of 10

As I sit typing this entry it is the afternoon on the fourth day of our ten day wait. The past two and a half days have been pretty low key. The highlight of our day is taking a walk to the market that is just a couple of blocks away. To put things in perspective for you on how exciting things are, I got a little annoyed at Justin for starting to wash the dishes. I was actually looking forward to washing the dishes for something new to do! Baby B is doing great. He has won us over for sure! He still cries when we change settings but even that is getting a little better. I have already gotten a handle on diaper changing. Bath time hasn’t gotten much better. He still is not a fan of the water. His favorite thing is music for sure. Today another little boy here turned one. B gave him a tractor for a birthday present. It was adorable (wish I could post pictures!). There isn’t really much else to update everyone on. Here are a few random photos for you.

Daddy and B walking back to our room

Here is B in his jumpsuit, but check out the little boy in his tights in front of him. Russians dress all of their children in tights. This boy’s family came to the restaurant to eat. They took off his snow pants and let him run around in his tights with a bunny tail on the back.

Here is the house we pass on the way to the market every day. This house has been at the same stage of construction since we were here to meet Blake in December of 2008

Here you can see the bay is still frozen.

They are working on building a bridge from an island in the bay to the city of Vlad.


Blogging Friend said...

Can you tell us how old Baby B is or is that to much information to give out?
Is he healthy or does he have some medical problems? You said that he gets upset when you change settings so I did not know if that meant some medical device or what? (yes I cam medical person so that is why I picked up on that. LOL!)

Cannot wait until you can show us some pictures of him.


Amy said...

LOL!!! Thanks for the update on the wooden house!! I always wondered what happened with that thing.

Can't wait to see Baby B's big debut!!! Was hoping for an update from you... glad all is well!!

Joel and Clarion said...

So glad the ten day wait is going well. Sounds like typical days at the Vlad Inn. Low key is good, but you definitely start feeling like caged animals after awhile. We continue to keep your family in our prayers. God bless you guys!

hope said...

Hi Heather,
Have been following along and praying for you guys!! That hallway brings back memories and so does the little cardboard castle....we can't wait to get back there!

Gloria said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! They all bring back so many happy memories for me. I loved the VMI and the walk to the little store. Can't wait to see a picture of Baby B's face. Only a few more days!

PS I am jealous! :)

Ashley said...

I love the photo of your husband and your son walking hand-in-hand.

Continuing to pray for health, bonding, and good times together as a new family.

Can't wait to see his face :)

Trisha and Jim said...

We took bath time really slow. Just sitting by the tub sticking our hands in, fully clothed. Next day putting our feet and legs in, still clothed. After a few days we got all the way in, still clothed. After about a week of slowly easing into it he was okay with bath time. Fast forward a month and he is jumping of the side of the pool.

Nancy said...

That house has been that way since at least 2007 when we were there for our first son. Oh my!

Enjoy the boredom/quiet while you can! Seeing your pictures brings back many memories.

Jody said...

The memories this brings back. Last night we were looking at our pictures from Jan/Feb and we both agreed that it sounded fun to head back to Vlad again!! After four weeks in that motel I can't believe we think that!!! Play a little pool for us if you have the time....

Sabrina and Giorgio said...

I can't wait to see Baby B's face!! If he looks like you he must be BEAUTIFUL!! Glad you are enjoying your time at VMI and you're able to have that quality bonding time together. Soon you'll be home and it will seem like forever you've been together!

Bendlin Family said...

Glad things are working well for you both!! That photo brings back such memories. I will be in your neck of the woods (Iowa) in 2.5 weeks....It is a shame you wont be there to visit!