Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last Random Ramblings from Russia

• Today Boston was issued his US Visa. The moment we get to the Atlanta airport he will be a US citizen!

• He and Blake will maintain dual citizenship for the rest of their lives unless they go through a formal procedure to renounce their Russian citizenship. Men age 19-32 are required to serve in the Russian military. If either of them visited Russia during that time they would risk being called to serve. The US Embassy personnel was sure to let us know that there is nothing they can do about that if it actually happened. Very interesting.

• Boston’s favorite spot in our room is on the trash can in the bathroom!

• The bananas we had for breakfast were about as big as Boston’s entire arm! Oh and do you see that big screen TV in the background? I could go without TV but I can’t go without intelligent noise of some kind. I am so tired of the BBC which is the ONLY English speaking channel here.

Important: For family and friends at home. One thing that is very hard for Justin and I is to set boundaries for people who would like to hold and cuddle with Boston. Other adoptive parents know all about the attachment process, but for those that have never been on this journey you just don’t even think about it. Right now Boston will go to anyone who holds out their hands to him. If you are man he will typically have a stiff back and maybe even have tears rolling down his cheeks, but still he will go to anyone. If you are a woman, he will be more relaxed. If you are sweet and kind he will even snuggle in close and give you an adorable kiss on the cheek. It is counterintuitive to Justin and I to teach that we don’t love everyone like we love our immediate family. We are the type of people who try to love others no matter what the circumstance. We TRY to teach Brady and Madison to be kind and care for others all the time. With Blake and now with Boston, we will of course still teach those very same principles, but first we have to make up for the years that we lost setting the foundation of family. In order to do that, we have to be the primary caregivers. Justin, Brady, Madison, Blake, and I have to be the ones that Boston sees as his most immediate loved ones. Of course we want him to get to know and love his extended family members and our dear friends, and brief hugs will be most welcomed! :o) But we know we have to make this short term sacrifice for a long term gain. Thank you in advance for your ongoing support and understanding!

• And now we say goodbye to Russia. It was sad to say goodbye in Vladivostok. There really is nothing sad about saying goodbye in Moscow! We are ready to be home!

Paka Paka!


Christen L said...

Love the good-bye photo! Have a safe trip home. We'll see you in IL!! :)


Ashley said...

praying for a smooth flight home!! You're almost there!

Willy's Auntie said...

Hope you have a safe and easy flight home with lots of help when and where you need it and one little Boston who will sleep as you soar over the ocean.

Laura said...

Finally catching up on your blog since I was away. I love the last photo of Boston looking out the window. We have the same shot of Kristina looking down Novy Arbat street in Moscow.

Paka Paka, Russia -- and welcome home!!!

~Laura :)