Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boston’s first plane ride.

(I added a cute picture I found of B to yesterday's post!)

We first looked out the window and said goodbye and paka paka to Vlad. While we are more than ready to leave, this place will always be near and dear to our hearts.

Before takeoff Boston is all smiles. He thinks this 9 hour and 45 minute ride is going to be fun!

He received his free Aeroflot bag just like big brother Blake did.

It wasn’t long and out came the toys. We played with the same 5 toys for hours. Boston was happy as can be. I was about ready to lose my mind!

At one point B fell asleep. I was hopeful it would last for a couple of hours. After taking this self portrait, I too fell asleep. The nap lasted one hour. That was the total amount of sleep Boston had all day. He went to sleep around 6:00 p.m. Moscow time which is 1:00 a.m. in Vlad. He wasn’t even fussy!

After the short nap, the toys came back out. It seemed the bath toys Justin bought were the favorite. At one point we resorted to pretending we were eating the fish.

Then mama remembers the earbuds that were passed out. Boston loves music. This entertained him for quite some time. Of course they would not stay in his ears.

So we get out our headphones. This is much better!

It even seemed that maybe – just maybe he would go back to sleep. Of course that was just wishful thinking!

And again the toys came back out. The fish took some rides on the tractor.

I have to say he was quite the trooper on the flight. I was really struggling by the end, but I just kept thinking of how much worse it could have been. At least he was not screaming and crying! I also feel God gave me an extra dose of patience before getting on that flight. Being patient is really not a strength of mine – at all! This is something I pray about and work on almost daily. Here is how I knew I was doing well in the patience department…. A meal was served to us. Boston did very well while eating but once he was finished he was ready for everything to be out of his way. He wanted to push up on the tray which of course would have dumped everything. I got him to stop trying that and we were doing well. In one of the containers there was a full thing of rice and chicken. It was so dry I couldn’t eat it and B was almost choking on it so I gave him something else. The flight attendants came by with the cart to collect the garbage. Right before they got to us, Boston spills the entire thing of chicken and rice on the floor. Now a good mom just rolls with it and doesn’t make a big deal about it and even says it is ok, it was just an accident. I typically will say it’s ok – but through gritted teeth and sure annoyance. Perhaps I would even throw out a ‘what were you thinking comment’. I know, I know not the best way to handle it, but again I said I have a patience shortage. But amazingly I barely reacted and wasn’t even too irritated and definitely not angry. Together B and I had it cleaned up in no time.

The other situation I surprised myself with came when it was time to get off the plane. Again, I usually get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things and feel like I have to get off as soon as it is my row’s turn. I had mentally prepared myself for this moment. I told myself to take my time and not get too stressed. After all, I had to strap Boston into a carrier, and manage three bags and our coats down the narrow aisles. And on domestic flights at the Moscow airport when you get off the plane, you board a bus that then takes you to the arrival gate/building. So I gather up everything and am doing ok. I stop in the bulk head row to put on Boston’s hat so I don’t get yelled at by the babushkas. I realize I cannot find the hat. I try looking for it, but it was difficult for me to move with Boston strapped to me. I can feel my body temperature rise. Then I remembered – relax , you will never see these people again. Just ask for help. So two flight attendants begin looking for the hat. I found it on the floor but was unable to bend over to get it! One of the attendants gave it to me and I headed off the plane. I was the very last one off. I could hear them radioing after I got off that the plane was clear and that the lady with the little boy was the last passenger. Of course all of the passengers on the bus were staring at me as I made my way down the stairs and over to the bus. Again, typically in this situation I would be a mess and totally flustered. But I felt like a dose of confidence and patience come over me as I was walking to the bus. I was doing the very best I could given the situation.

I can only hope that God grants me some of that patience for the 12 hour and 45 minute flight from Moscow to Atlanta!


Amber D said...

...and I hope that God grants you a sleeping baby fort htat 12 hour flight! :)

Sabrina and Giorgio said...

What a good boy!! You have LOTS of patience, Heather, you have FOUR kids. :-) Glad you're all doing well and I hope you can get a little sleep. Thinking of you everyday!

Doug and Shelly said...

So glad to hear you're in Moscow! You're doing awesome!

Kate S. said...

One more leg of your trip complete and one step closer to HOME...with Boston!!!!

You are an amazing woman and mother and so strong! You are doing incredible with Boston by yourself...glad to hear Justin arrived home safely and can take care of things on the home front.

Soon, soon you will ALL be together as your Overstreet Fam of Six!! Love that thought :)

HUGS, my dear friend!

Christen L said...

I pray that Frank and I have half as good of an experience with Crosby on our flight home Wednesday! And patience, yes... something I need to work on, too. I continue to be impressed with your courage. Seriously. A very long, Russian flight with B on your own and you survived!!!! :)