Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving soapbox

We now interrupt this regularly scheduled program with a public service announcement (or Heather’s time to complain because she is annoyed!):

Do not do retail shopping on Thanksgiving Day. It is ridiculous! I am appalled at the increasing number of retail stores that are opening up during the day on Thanksgiving. What is the point? Employees should be given time to be with their families. If they do not have family to get together with then they should have the day off to celebrate with friends. If they do not have friends to get together with then they should have the day off to be thankful for living in a country that has so many luxuries and freedoms. Is there a need for retail stores to be open? What can you possibly need from *-Mart on Thanksgiving Day that you couldn’t get the day before or at midnight when the stores open for Black Friday sales? We have really lost sight of what the holidays are all about! In my opinion, any person that works in a grocery store until mid-afternoon is really serving in a ministry! It is an act of service for those of us that fricassee our turkeys or burn the rolls. The fact that some grocery stores are open is a saving grace to those of us that stink in the kitchen. But retail stores?!?!? Really?!?! There is a rumor (I cannot verify if it is true) that one particular large chain retail store has stated that any employee that is scheduled on Thanksgiving Day and does not come to work will lose his/her job. I really would like to think that there is no truth in that.

Ok – you can now return to your regularly scheduled program. Sorry for the interruption.

We are so happy for our friends Ryan and Sandy True. They are in Korea right now and will be bringing home their new son soon. We spent all of our second trip in Russia with them and visited them this summer. It is crazy to compare the Korean and Russian adoption processes. Sandy laughed because her dossier this time could fit in her purse. You need a sturdy piece of luggage to carry around the Russian required dossier. :o)

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Kate said...

Also, don't go to restaurants on Thanksgiving ~ because so many Americans refuse to stay home and cook for themselves, people like my husband have to work every single flipping holiday (including Christmas) to serve these people! It doesn't matter that people in restaurant service have families... if they want to keep their jobs, they show up, just like people in retail. It totally BITES for the employees and their families.

Ahem.. I'll get off your soapbox now... but boy, do I agree with you! :D