Thursday, November 4, 2010

Give a gift that REALLY counts

Wow, as soon as Halloween was over the Christmas shopping advertisements started bombarding us from all directions. I guess I should be thankful for the distraction as we continue to wait for ‘the letter’. Anyway, I was thinking this year that I should try to purchase as many of my gifts from people who are hosting fundraising parties. If you look at the blogs in the list on the right you will see that many have various ‘things’ they are selling to help raise money for their adoption. I love the idea of giving the gift with a note attached saying that 15% or whatever of the purchase was donated to help place an orphan with his or her family. I believe the gift receiver would also take joy in knowing that as well. So I just thought I would put the thought out there for you to wrestle with.

Don’t forget too that we are doing our t-shirt fundraiser. We are not using the funds to help with our adoption costs, but we are using those funds to make a donation of needed items to the baby home when we return on trip two. The t-shirts may make a great Christmas gift as well. They are a great conversation starter! If you are interested you can get more details here.