Monday, November 8, 2010

'the letter' arrived

YEAH!!!  The letter arrived in our mailbox this afternoon.  Justin in on his way to Springfield right now to get it apostilled and in the mail to World Links.  He dropped a copy off to me first and I have scanned it and emailed it to our caseworker.  She will be able to forward it electronically to Vlad so that the translation will be done by the time the letter gets there!  I am praying this is the last requested document to get us registered.

Check out this price tag (this is just for FedEx - not for apostilling or for US mail to get everything to World Links in PA):

Original Registration Documents to Vlad ~ $150

(Understandably the regional operator did not like that our Lifelink documents had some reference to Lutheran Chid and Family Services.  Lifelink became a subsidiary of LCFS midway through our homestudy.)

We changed all Lifelink documents to Lutheran letterhead and sent to Vlad ~ $150

(The LCFS office that our paperwork was redone on was one of the branches of Lutheran but not the main one where the state license is issued to. Regional operator requested verification they all operated under the same license.)

Letter stating the addresses were all for the same agency sent to Vlad ~ $150
(The regional operator decided she did not like that the state license is issued to Lutheran Child and Family Services and the letterhead said Lutheran Child and Family Service of Illinois)
Letter stating the two names are the same agency and sent to Vlad ~ $150.
So far we have spent about $600 in FedEx fees alone to get our papers registered in Vlad.  I am praying that the regional operator will accept this new letter and let us move forward with our journey!  Instead of dwelling on the ridiculousness of the mailing cost or the paper chase, I am celebrating the fact that we now have possession of 'the letter'!


Sabrina and Giorgio said...

Great news!! That must be a huge relief. Next up, referral!!

Doug and Shelly said...

THAT is a chunk of change! Yikes!!

Trisha and Jim said...

got it, buy stock in FedEx... :-)

Masha said...

Hopefully you guys get registered soon now! No word on my end since that new license went over. At least the hand delivery saved more FedEx fees but it makes me nervous. :) We're in the same boat with expressing documents and not of our doing so maybe we should negotiation for one free post-placement or something? LOL