Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Visas, Sleepless nights, Day dreaming…

The home study agency license arrived today in Pennsylvania for a quick stop just before heading over to Vladivostock with a hundred (ok may not that many) pounds of other papers with our names on them!

It was suggested to us that we apply for our Visas now. This is a new way of doing things for us. With Blake’s adoption we just did a tourist visa. We had to pay expedited shipping each time and worry about it not arriving on time. Well this time we are applying for a multi-entry visa and it will be good for one year. So at first I was a little shocked at the price, but when I calculated the tourist visas plus the expedited shipping we paid last time, we would actually be saving a little bit of money. And a HUGE bonus is we will only have to send out our passports through the mail one time! Yeah for that! We should have the visas in our possession on August 31st.

We also ‘know’ in our hearts that there are some little boys in Russia – probably over the age of two who are just waiting for some visitors. :o) We are open to either a boy or girl referral, but we are fully expecting a little boy referral. I won’t say anymore, but needless to say my hopes are up for a quick referral! Justin will not be able to travel right in the middle of harvest so we need God to intervene here on our behalf. All of this new scurrying around has created a whole lot of excitement and nervousness. On top of that I started back to work yesterday. This is my busiest time of year. Usually around this time, I have dreams at night that I am late for an important meeting. Or I show up to train our new staff and have a vital piece of clothing missing. But already I find that I am getting consumed with thoughts of ‘the email’ - the one that Justin and I will open and see the little face of our future child. It consumes my thoughts already!

I do know that I need to chill out. I need to focus. I do know that so many things can go wrong. But for now I am going to relish in this new giddiness, anticipation, and in the fact that for at least a couple of days we have zero adoption papers we have to complete.

Reminder to self: Breath!


Doug and Shelly said...

Hi Heather! Who did you use to get your visas? Loved your post...sounds like there may be a travel in your near future???

Tracey and Chuck said...

Sounds like your little angels are working hard over there in Vlad already for The Overstreet family and maybe if I am reading between the lines there will be some exciting news coming from your way very soon!!! :) That is great news about the Visa's....it has definately changed as like you we had to run around like crazy twice trying to get the visas done before our quick departures on both trips....that will be a big relief to be able to have that already crossed off the list before you travel. Please keep us updated!!! :)

Gloria said...

Great post! So happy to know things are moving forward! I agree with Tracey - great progress with the Visas. We had to get them more times then I want to count - from cancelled trips to delayed trips so happy that they have come up with a better system for that! Can't wait to hear news from you guys soon!