Friday, August 6, 2010

Just in time!

This morning I emailed our homestudy agency again to see if they had gotten the new license yet. Much to their frustration and mine, as of noon they had not gotten it. A little after noon I had an email from World Links, our placing agency. They wondered if we would want to go ahead and send over all of our other documents to be translated and then when the license came they would send it. I had replied with a yes, please send them. Any movement forward keeps us happy. But as soon as I hit send, I had that feeling in my stomach – the one where you know you need to rethink something. I could just imagine the drama of getting the license to meet up with rest of our packet. And if the license is separate would it be under extra scrutiny – some i not dotted correctly or t not crossed? I was unsettled about the decision for a whole 5 minutes! Then Justin came in and told me he just heard from Carole, and the license arrived this afternoon! I quickly called and emailed World Links and told them not to send our documents. We will get the license apostilled and in the mail to them Monday morning. So next week all of our documents will make their way to Russia together!

Of course I am back to work full time beginning on Monday, but those license will get to Springfield to the secretary of state one way or another. We are so relieved. And the pit in the stomach feeling is gone!


Doug and Shelly said...

YEah! Great news!

Jennifer said...

YEAH!!! Awesome news!!

Kate S. said...


sonflowerjax said...

Praise God! That is AWESOME! I am so happy the timing worked out so perfectly! Can't wait to read that you are DTR! :)

True Story said...

Love ya!

Gloria said...

YEAH!!!! Good News!

Kim said..., I am SO GLAD you left the comment on my blog! I didn't know you were adopting AGAIN! HOW AWESOME! I am so EXCITED to follow your journey!