Monday, August 16, 2010

Great present!

Today is my birthday and it started out with my three sweet children and amazing husband singing happy birthday!  I love them soooo much.  We have also already received word that our documents are in the hands of our interpreter in Vladivostock!  This is fantastic.  Now we have to pray that: 1) The interpretation goes fast 2) we are not asked for any more documents before registering 3) God has the information for our son/daughter in the right hands to be passed along to us in the next couple of weeks.  Wow - that's a lot isn't it?!?!  Harvest is going to come early this year.  That is typically a good thing, but we are so nervous about the timing of our referral.  Justin will not be able to travel in the middle of harvest, but we have no control over timing... Ok - I refuse to go into that whole struggle today.  Today I am celebrating and the great gift of knowing that our documents didn't get lost any where and they are safe in the hands of a lady that we adore and trust! 

Ohhh - we were having trouble getting the transfer for the back of our t-shirts made for the fundraiser.  Last night a friend rescued us with some great photoshop work.  We are hoping to hear later this week that the transfers were made and then we will really kick off our fundraising for the baby home!!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday!
So glad your docs made it to Vlad! Praying for a speedy referral that's right for your family.

Doug and Shelly said...

Happy Birthday! Congrats on your docs getting over there!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Hope you have a great birthday!!! Hoping your docs get translated and registered quickly and you hear great news soon!