Friday, May 21, 2010


Well we have one week down of waiting for approval of our homestudy.

In other news, we finally got our act together to go through the process of re-adopting Blake. Our petition for the court was filed today and we will be served the official notice this afternoon. It is my understanding that the process ‘should’ be rather simple, but we have learned to expect the unexpected. If we are assigned a judge that wants to make this difficult we could have lots of paperwork to complete. Readoption is not required in Illinois as it is in some other states. There a few reasons for going through the process. The number one reason for us is to obtain a U.S. birth certificate aka “A Record of Foreign Birth”. This is desirable because if we lose the foreign birth certificate we would have to travel back to Russia to get a new one. Once they get a Record of Foreign birth we can always get another one. Additionally it is easier to deal with schools when you have the English Record of Foreign birth and are not handing them copies of documents from Russia or divulging personal information that Blake may not want shared with the public. Plus think of all of the reasons you need to provide a certified copy of your birth certificate. We need to make this easy for him. Another reason is jurisdiction. In the very unlikely event there is a problem with the foreign judgment a U.S. court is now involved and would have some jurisdiction over the matter. A third reason is Full Faith and Credit: Not all states recognize foreign adoption judgments but they would have to recognize an Illinois one and give it full faith and credit.


MJTG said...

We too adopted from russia and brought our kids home in august 2008. Our re-adopt date is set for mid-June. Our letter states this is a happy, family event and upto 10 other people are invited to see the proceedings. (we live in ohio - so I dont know how the rules are different for your state).

russia requires 3 years of annual post-placement reports. Do you know if re-adoption negates that requiremet?

Jennifer said...

It should be a no-brainer. We've done it twice and it was a very positive experience both times. The judges were very excited to be involved and even made comments about this being the best part of their jobs!!! I was neat for the other kids to be a courtroom...even if it was just a family court.

Laura said...

Great post! I've been meaning to start the re-adoption process here in CA but something always takes presidence. I love how you explained it.

Now I have to decide to fork over $750 to our agency to coordinate the re-adoption or figure out how to do it on our own in my not-so-spare-time.

Will keep you posted!

~Laura :)