Saturday, May 8, 2010

Now what happens?

Here's the timeline for the next few weeks -- Homestudy is sent to us the first part of next week for our review and feedback. After that, it is signed and sent to the Lifelink director in Chicago. Then it will probably take about a week to get it there, have the director review it, and send it on to DCFS. DCFS has been taking approximately 4-6 weeks to add their letter of endorsement. It will then be sent back to Carole in Peoria. At that point, Carole can have World Links take a look at the homestudy to make sure there are no major changes (DCFS requires that their letter of endorsement be issued before the placing agency may view the study, even as a rough draft). After World Links approves the homestudy, it will be ready to go to immigration. At this point, we would guess 6-8 weeks for all of this???

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