Thursday, May 6, 2010

I just knew it!!!

Today, May 6th, marks the one year anniversary of Blake becoming a US citizen. We landed in Atlanta, Georgia one year ago and after a three hour delay finally made it to the Moline, IL airport where Blake finally met Brady and Madison face to face! Also today is the national day of prayer. I had on my calendar to call and check on our FBI fingerprint clearances today. I told myself this morning that I should just wait until tomorrow to call because I had a good feeling today was going to be another special day for us. And guess what?!?!? Justin and I both got our FBI fingerprint clearances back today! I love how God likes to give us little surprises to keep us on the right path and energize us for the next phase of hurdles!
So what does this mean? Our homestudy will now be able to be sent to the state to be made officially official. I plan to find out tomorrow what the average ‘wait’ time is for that. Then another slew of paperwork can be done. We learned long ago to celebrate each successful step of this journey and that is what we are doing this evening!

One step closer….


Kenny said...

One more check mark to be added to the list!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Great news!!! Every little step is a move in the right direction!

Jennifer said...

How awesome!!! Congrats on another step completed.....I remember those days fondly!!

Nancy said...