Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Joint Body? hmmmm

Moscow, Russia (CNN) -- A draft agreement on international adoptions between the United States and Russia will be finalized by Friday, Moscow's children's rights commissioner said Wednesday.

After it is finalized, the agreement will be forwarded to the Russian Health and Education ministries and the Cabinet of Ministers, said the commissioner, Pavel Astakhov. If approved by the Cabinet, a signing date will be scheduled, he said. The final copy would be signed by Russia's Education Ministry and the U.S. State Department or Department of Justice, he said.
Under the proposed agreement, the number of U.S. adoption agencies dealing with Russian children will be reduced, he said.

"We will reduce the number of U.S. adoption agencies accredited in Russia," Astakhov said. Only those agencies that are accredited in the United States and compliant with the requirements of the Hague Convention on international adoptions will be allowed to continue working in Russia, he said.

In addition, he said, "independent adoptions" will be abolished altogether. The draft agreement envisions setting up a joint Russian-American body with the authority to check out any U.S. family adopting a Russian child, Astakhov said.

High-level meetings between the two nations on adoptions followed an uproar after a Tennessee woman sent the young Russian boy she had recently adopted back to Russia unaccompanied.

Any comments on what we may possibly think of a "joint Russian-American body with the authority to check out any U.S. family adopting a Russian child"?!?!  I kinda thought that was what we are going through now. We have never been fingerprinted more, had more pictures taken of our home, seen our doctor while feeling perfectly healthy, etc... etc...  I am willing to jump through hoops, but I fear how high the hoops will be placed and how many more we will be challenged with.  ~Perserverance! ~


Jennifer said...

That is insane!!! Is this joint commission going to have some sort of God-power to know if a person has the capability to just snap someday....I think not??!! I just hope you that your upcoming adoption goes through quickly before they start adding more requirements....will continue to pray.

Tracey and Chuck said...

That is crazy - I wonder what else they can put you through other than have someone come live in your house!!! Keeping our fingers crossed everything is signed and you are back in Vlad in no time!

True Story said...

H, I think typical Russian face-saving crap: ) (So glad your blog is private and I can speak my mind). I bet it means exactly the same thing that is already happening. I hope!