Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The pictures will tell the story….

First of all I am relieved to say that our FedEx package arrived in Vlad today! A huge relief!!!

We are receiving several photos for the album project we are doing (see here for details – deadline January 15th). It is absolutely amazing to see this pictures coming in. We want to thank all of the people who have sent pictures already! To see the ‘before’ pictures and the sadness in the children’s eyes it is heartbreaking. But when you see the recent photos and how much life and light shines through the children’s eyes now that they have a loving family – it is heartwarming! We can only hope that this album, which we are entitling “The Children of Vladivostok”, will encourage the people who look at it to continue to see the value in placing children in families that can provide them with the love that God intended all children to have.


David & Jodi said...

I love this project. We did the same thing for Alex's Adoption. We titled our book "The children of Prokopievsk." The director asked if she could show the book to the press so she could show them how well the kids were doing. I enjoyed putting that book together.

Joel and Clarion said...

Thanks for doing this project, Guys! And thanks for inviting us to be part of it!