Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This and That

I am so excited that my twin niece and nephew were born this morning! We can’t wait to see them early this evening!

Psych evals done.

Blood drawn for lab work.

Call made to Federal Ex(tra slow!) I am very thankful the documents we sent over were just to give us a head start on translation and not the next set that will be sent that we will want there lightening fast. We shipped our documents on December 22. As of January 5th they still show in route on the tracking site. I fully expected delays with our holidays, Russian holidays, and winter storms but this is getting ridiculous. Keep in mind we pay well over $100 every time we use this service. In my call, I found out that this company does not actually deliver to Vlad. When the documents/packages arrive in Moscow they then give them to an external agent to then be delivered. According to their customer service representative, our documents were handed off to said agent on December 29th. There is no estimated time of delivery on their tracking site. So now we have a service ticket open and supposedly someone will be contacting this external agent to see when they plan to deliver our package. I have a feeling I know what the particular external agent is doing right now but I won’t even go there!!! The Russian Orthodox Christmas is January 7th so that will be an additional delay I am sure….

What did my last post say? Slowly, steadily, surely…..


Heather and Chad said...

Slowly, steadily, surely......just keep reapeating that and don't forget to tell yourself to breathe too!!! I have to keep telling myself that quite often lately!

We can't wait until their holiday is over (sorry to anybody there!). Hoping for speedy everything for you!!!!

Sabrina and Giorgio said...

Congrats on the new additions to your family!!

Your post was timely indeed. I'm trying to figure out to get our last two court documents to Vlad as quickly as possible. I'll have to post seperately about the FBI but we had to re do medicals again at the last minute since ours expire January 15th. I need a big deep breath now!! Is there a better option than DHL?

Steffen adventures in Russia said...

How ironic. We are having the same issue with FedEx. We sent our son's ppr on 12/20 and it still is not there. I called them two nights ago and they just apologized for the delay and said it was in transit. Then yesterday they called me and said they had tried to deliver the package for several days and no one was at the address. Our translator is a stay at home mom and was home for the past two weeks and said no one attempted to deliver anything. Today I gave them her cell phone number and email. We shall see how that goes! It just makes me nervous because the PPR should have been in Russia in December and you know how you worry about anything causing a problem when an adoption is in the process. I appreciate your words of wisdom and hope though...slowly, steadily, surely! :)

Masha said...

Congrats on the new additions! I love the slowly, steadily, surely mantra. Best of luck with the deliveries. Unfortunately, that is courier service in Russia. I learned long ago when sending gifts that getting packages out of customs while they are being held for ransom is also interesting. Still praying for you all.