Monday, December 27, 2010

Pass it on!

We are looking for pictures! If you can help us out we would greatly appreciate it. Also, please pass this post on to anyone else that you may know that would like to participate. We would like to put together some photo albums to deliver when we return to Vladivostok. Specifically we are looking for pictures of children who:

*Were adopted from Artem Baby Home
*Were adopted from Ussuriysk Baby Home
*Completed the adoption with Irina and Lana (CHI or World Links)

UPDATE: we are including pictures of children adopted from an baby home or orphanage in the Vlad region.

Our plan is to take a “That was Then – This is Now” album to our agency reps as well as the Artem and Ussuriysk baby homes. In addition, we thought we could combine the pictures and give one to the MOE. We believe that given how uncertain everything is with Russian adoptions, it couldn’t hurt to remind those involved of how blessed we all are by our children.

If you are interested in helping out, please email us a picture of your son/daughter before your adoption was final and a picture of him/her now. Please include the full name, date of your adoption, and the baby home he/she was from. Please make note also if Irina and Lana were part of your journey as well. We would like to have all of the pictures compiled by January 15, 2011.

We greatly appreciate any help you (or someone you know) can give us in making these projects come together. We truly believe that we need to keep reminding everyone that the trials and tribulations of the adoption process are completely worth it in the end!

Thank you again,

Justin and Heather Overstreet


Jody said...

What an awesome idea!! Will was brought home from Artem, but Addie was from Baby Home #? (I don't remember, if you can believe that). I'll send you pictures for both children just because!!


Sabrina and Giorgio said...

That's such a great idea! I hear they really love receiving these pictures too! I don't know any CHI or World Links families outside of you all but there are families with our agency and a few others that have adopted from the two baby houses you mention.

Gloria said...

We did not use CHI or World Links and our kids were in Spassk but I think this is a wonderful idea.

Shelly and Steve said...

I'm so happy you are doing this and would just LOVE to show off how happy Anna is after only 4 months of being home with us from Artem :o)

Tanya and Don said...

I posted a link on Facebook for my adoption friends to see. I only personally know a couple kids from Vlad but know the word could be spread by them too! We took a bunch when we went to Kirov and everyone loved them!

Vicki said...

This is a great idea. My husband and I are also adopting from the Vlad reigon. We are hoping for our first trip to come within a couple months.
I am very excited and nervous as we begin this part of our journey. If you have any tips for incountry dos or donts that you are comfortable sharing I would so appreciate them.