Friday, February 11, 2011

3 More Pictures!

Last night we got another special surprise. This one was from one of our blogging friends, Jody . She and her family just completed their court trip and landed on U.S. soil yesterday. They have quite an interesting story! While Jodi was in Vlad, she kept an eye out for anyone that was going to Ussuriysk that would be able to get some updated pictures of the Little Guy. She was not able to find anyone, but her agency’s facilitator mentioned that she would be going the first part of February, and if she had time that she might be able to get a couple of pictures. Well apparently she had time! She sent us three more pictures. I don’t know if she was there the same day as our facilitator or if Little Guy was just in the same outfit, but he was sporting the same blue and red checked shirt tucked in nicely to his styling blue shorts. His eyes are closed in two of the three pictures, but that actually brought a smile to my face. Justin and I have so many pictures with Little Guy’s eyes closed. We ended up switching cameras and turning the flash off and that seemed to do the trick. Anyway, it reminded me of us sitting on the floor in the visiting room laughing at how many pictures we had with his eyes closed. What is super special about these three pictures is that these were taken in his group’s play room. The other 8 we received were kind of like a personal photo shoot with nothing really in the background. In these you can see the tables that they eat the meal at and the toys that sit on the shelf. Also there are three of his group mates in the photos as well. It will be special for him to have these photos in the years to come.

For those that asked, Little Guy will be two years old in less than a month. He has chubby fingers and cheeks. Based on the measurements we got when we were with him in December, he would be wearing a size 6 shoe and 12 month clothing. We will be taking some 18-24 month clothing with us. If they don’t fit we will leave them at the baby home and purchase a few new items at the baby store in Vlad/Ussuriysk.

Please keep praying for the judge’s heart to be softened when he/she views our documents on Tuesday!


amy and kevin said...

That is so exciting to get new pictures! I remember how much that meant to me when our coordinator went to the baby home and took new pics, in between our trips.

Sounds like your Little Guy is almost the same age as Clara, and is bigger than her! That's great news... and I know with love & nutrition he will grow like a weed!

Masha said...

At least you got a few photos! Hopefully soon a call!

sonflowerjax said...

I didn't realize his birthday was so quickly approaching! I will be praying that you have him home to celebrate his 2nd birthday with his family!! :)

Ursula said...

I am praying for your family!! And I am sure the judge will get back to you very soon.

Laura said...

It always touches my heart when a waiting family gets photos because I remember crying when I received a few during the long 7 month wait.

Just look at those fingers and Little guy looks adorable sporting the tights and red shoes in your earlier post!

Thinking good thoughts that the judge gets the p/w and requests your presence STAT!