Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When do you go back?

If I had a dollar for every time we have been asked that question in the past four days, I could get some more Christmas shopping done! It is very hard for people to understand (Justin and I included) how we can’t possibly know when we will return. We have to wait until we have a court date. We would love to be back in February. That would be the earliest we can expect. With Blake, we waited for four months and that was nearly impossible. Some people have been waiting for several months to return to court because their region is not back up and running from the April “return to sender” fiasco. And very sadly, I found out this week that a single lady who was waiting for court had her referral officially pulled by the MOE despite all of her efforts to be reunited with the little boy she had fallen in love with. So there are way too many variables to truly predict when we will return. I am doing my very best not to get my heart set on any one date.

We will send over a batch of documents next week so that they can be translated. That way when we have the medical and psychological information in January, over half of the papers will already be ready to submit. We will get blood drawn about two weeks before our doctor’s appointments so that the results will be back. I will have all of the forms on a flash drive so all the doctor has to do is type in the information and print it on their letterhead. I will also get a copy of the license that day. I have no intentions on leaving the office (after all I am sure we will have to pay for FIVE physicals) without our paperwork in hand.

Ok Justin is reminding me how many things we need to do and for some reason blogging doesn’t make the top of his list! Gotta go!


Jody said...

Hang in there! It'll be four months for us this time...just as it was with our first two. Our children didn't have to have physicals done. Their doctor just typed up the form stating that they have no communicable diseases and it was accepted.
The paperwork at this point is so not fun. We felt like we were on a time crunch and had it all submitted two weeks after we were home....but had to re-do our medicals last week so they'd be good for our court date. You're smart to hold off on that a little!

Blessings as you scurry around gettin' it all done!

Masha said...

Hang in there and definitely hoping that you can go back for him as soon as possible. I am sure when the time comes, I will be asking for the advice and tips to speed up the paperwork process to cut delays that at least I can control. How sad about the single woman who lost her referral. :( I think that is the biggest fear for me - not the wait, not the redoing paperwork constantly, not even flying (which I hate) but the going through things only to not be able to see it through because of one of those generalizations that will prevent the stamp of approval on proceeding.

Tracey and Chuck said...

Praying that you can get back nice and quick!!!

Sabrina and Giorgio said...

Heather, that by FAR is the most frequently asked question!! Our wait we're approximating at 3 months. I sure hope you get a February court date that would be awesome - plus we'd get to meet you in person!! Our last item is the FBI clearances which haven't arrived. I'm afraid I'm going to have to call our senator to help - the holidays are slowing it down. Hang in there!! I'll be e-mailing you about the Christmas party for the baby houses and the mentoring programs.

Jody said...

Hey! Thanks so much for letting us know about the lodging near the airport in Moscow!!! I know you're busy....but it's so nice to have an idea on what to do about our little predicament!!
Blessings to you~
I'm off to book a hotel room....