Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy time of year.

Things are insanely busy right now between work, harvest, church, birthdays (Blake – Sept 30; Brady – October 3; Madison – October 9).  We received the letter we needed that stated why there was more than one address for Lutheran Social Services.  I took a personal day from work on Monday to drive to Springfield to get the letter apostilled.  Then the second version of our dossier was overnighted to World Links.  It made it to them and back out to Vladivostok on Tuesday!  We are now praying that will satisfy the regional operator and we will be officially registered and ready to receive our referral.


Anonymous said...

hope harvest is moving along. and the papers are recieved, so referral can come anytime???? that is good news.

cheryl said...

don't know how that appeared anonymous???

Sabrina and Giorgio said...

You're almost there! I saw your posts on the Yahoo group as you responded to mine about a referral. Wanted to find you outside the group. There are babies come off for referral and yours will be soon!!