Monday, October 25, 2010

Blogger’s guilt

I always have a twinge of guilt after I vent/whine/complain on our blog. I get frustrated with setbacks, unnecessary bureaucracy, and with my lack of patience. It really does make me feel a little better to type out my feelings. But ultimately within a few hours of making the post, I feel bad for complaining. There are so many people who have much more of a reason to be complaining than I. We truly are blessed in so many ways and God reminds us of those blessing often. Am I disappointed about our setback? Yes! Am I annoyed that we found out the letter we need can’t be written by our homestudy agency and that we have to wait for someone at the State licensing office to write the letter? Definitely! But what about these people….

The sweet lady that emailed me that was adopting as a single mother and met her son in Vladivostock. She was waiting for court when the lady sent her son back on a plane by himself. Now the region is shut down to singles and she has no idea what to do from here.

What about the couple who meet their son over 6 months ago and the judge in their region won’t even consider hearing their case or any case for that matter until an agreement is signed between the US and Russia.

Then there is the lady who has been waiting over a month for Lutheran’s license to be renewed after she has had to redo her paperwork because of the addition of two little words…”in Illinois”.

There is a couple who began to feel unsettled with their placing agency and just as they are up to get their referral they have to change agencies at the last minute.

I could go on and on about the trials and tribulations of the adoption process. I really don’t try to dwell on the negative and sometimes this blog sounds so negative because I use it as an outlet to vent my frustrations.

On a happy note I am excited about some great news for family and friends. My sister that is pregnant with twins is still doing well and the babies are developing and growing! My best friend from high school is following her heart and took a huge leap of faith that has lead her to St. Croix. And one of my best friends from college, after years of infertility, gave birth last week to a healthy baby girl!


Sabrina and Giorgio said...

Thanks for your latest post. Writing on the blog is cathartic - we all do it because sometimes its easier to write how we feel. You're sharing your feels with others who understand and support you.

Sending you more good wishes and prayers. If the family you mention in your post who is contemplating an agency switch and is home study ready, have them contact me if they are interested in a waiting child that my agency has right now.

Masha said...

Ditto what Sabrina said! We all need to vent or let things out in order to clear our minds and gain the wisdom, insights and supports walking the same path. I know if I didn't, I would definitely be on Xanax. :)

Sorry to hear more issues with the tiny paperwork issues. What letter is it exactly you have to wait on the state for? UGH! As we see, they are not the swiftest bunch. I emailed my SW today to see if that license is there yet - no reply yet. Still praying to hear it is ready tomorrow so I can go to Springfield on Wednesday but bracing myself that it won't happen.

Hang in there

Doug and Shelly said...

So sorry to hear about your paperwork issues. I'll be praying for a quick resolve for you!

cheryl said...

whenever are feeling bad about our situation it helps to know therer are others going thru the same things. sometimes it can our focus off US. hang in there. congrats to your friend and the birth of her daughter. love you guys

Joel and Clarion said...

Ah yes...the ups and downs, the venting...we're trying to prepare ourselves for all that again. You've been through this before. God has shown you the beauty of what He does in His time according to His good and gracious will. It took me awhile to learn this last time through, and I'm sure I'll have a good lesson this time through again. Know that many, many others, especially those who know what you're experiencing, are thinking and praying for you as you wait for God to make all things happen. God bless you guys!

The Fritsches

cindy said...

hang in there. you know in your heart that things will work out for the best. when you talk to b tell her congratulations.