Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yes and No

Here is what we found out today….

The regional operator did not say “Yes” to registering the documents that Irina has shown to her, but she didn’t say “No” either. She told Irina that she needs to see the apostilled originals to give an answer and regarding the address she said that the home study agency should write a letter that the address on the letterhead is the main office and the address on the license is an actual address, or something like that...

So hopefully we get that letter ASAP and then one of us will have to run it to Springfield to be apostilled and sent off to World Links. I have decided that I am taking this as good news. At least we didn’t get a No……….for now.

A HUGE thank you to Jodi (see below). This is one of the main reasons I took to blogging. The power of networking online is amazing!

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