Wednesday, September 29, 2010

(Dave and Jodi)

The comment below was left on our blog last week.  If you are reading this entry I would LOVE if you would email me.  We need to produce the same letter ASAP and it may be helpful for our caseworker to be in touch with yours.  Our email is

"We are using Lutheran Child and Family Services in Illinois for a Russian adoption. Our agency had them write a letter that they use both names and that it is all the same agency. Our social worker wasn't surprised by the the request as they had gotten it before. Our social worker got the letter for us pretty quickly. It was notarized and then we got it apostilled."

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Masha said...

I'm commenting again. I would appreciate it if you could let me know what you find out about this letter. LCFS - Illinois here as well. I know my placement agency had my home study one redo the first set of documents because their letterhead had the "of Illinois" on it and the actual license didn't. So, we did that for this newest batch but I wonder if more will still come up or if it was done to preempt more headaches? Gotta love the paperwork... (sarcasm)