Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heading east to go west.

We are heading out today for our family vacation to Colorado in 1 hour. I have to get going!!!! We are super excited. But first we are actually going east to Peoria to have lunch with Justin’s brother for his birthday and then on south to Springfield to have all (but one) of our documents apostilled and mailed to World Links. We STILL do not have Lifelink’s new agency license. I am choosing not to be totally stressed and freaked out by this. Their current license expired last Sunday. It is my understanding they have been issued the new license by the state but they have not been given the actual piece of paper – which of course is what we need. I guess they are running 1 week behind on issuing those. I will withhold my comments on what I think about that! So our sweet caseworker who we adore and trust implicitly suggested that we send off everything we have. As soon as she gets the license she is going to personally drive it to Springfield – apostille it – and send it to World Links. Sooooo maybe – just maybe our dossier will be headed to Russia before we make it back from vacation.

It has been fun lately to hear the increased talk around the family about child number four. We have four stools at our kitchen counter and both Brady and Madison have said on more than one occasion that their brother/sister (depending on whose talking) can sit next to them. Then of course Blake pipes in with a “nuh-uh they sit by me!” They are such amazing children. They think it is completely normal and common place to add members to one’s family through adoption. We love them soooo much!


Gloria said...

Have a great vacation! Enjoy!!! Glad to hear the kids are excited!

Sally said...

came across your blog, we have a lake house in Canton, IL outside of Peoria, we live in the Chicagoland area. Hope your vacation is good. Sally