Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blake’s Readoption is complete!

Today has been a day of great news. One piece of good news that I can pass on to other PAP’s is that we got a message today from one of our facilitators in Russia. They are expecting families in July and August. So it doesn’t sound like there will be two months worth of ‘off’ time -- for vacations anyway.
Today was our court date for Blake’s readoption hearing. It lasted about 5 minutes. Justin was the only one that had to take the stand. He just had to say yes. Yes he is married, yes we live at…, yes we wish to readopt Blake, yes, yes, yes. Then the judge just asked me if I am Heather and if I agreed with all of the answers that Justin gave. Very simple. We should have certified copies of his new ‘birth’ certificate in a few weeks.

Pictures from court and more exciting news posted on our other blog!

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Tracey and Chuck said...

Great news for July and August and also great news the readoption seems pretty simple. We really need to start working on what we need to do to get that done. We actually have our 1st post placement visit this weekend so I am hoping our social worker can give us some info on how it is done in Alabama. Keeping our fingers crossed for news of you guys traveling very soon!!!
And yes, re your comment about the red Elmo cake.....what a mess and poor Matt's hands and face appeared stained for a day or so but it was all worth as he had a ball!!!