Friday, July 2, 2010

Back from Denver

I am really hoping to have time to blog soon, but in case it takes me a few more days to find the time I thought I would write a couple of notes.  I had a great conference in Denver and I can't wait to share about our visit with Ryan and Sandy!  While we were gone our caseworker received the official approval document for our homestudy from DCFS.  She sent our homestudy to UCIS so that we can be assigned our fingerprint dates.  World Links has all of their documents done and appostiled.  We have all of ours ready to be appostiled.  Now we are just waiting on the papers from our homestudy agency.  I dare to think that our registration documents can possibly be in Russia in two weeks!   Ohhh and we received an invoice for the payment that is due to World Links when we send the rest of our registration documents.  Let's just say... there is no turning back when that payment is made!  :o)

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