Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unofficially official!

My eyes are burning and I just want to lay my head down on a pillow, but a lot of exciting things happened today that I wanted to document/share.

Today I started the day with an unexpected root canal! We are now at Fun City in Burlington for two nights. Everyone is having a blast. Of course because we are away from home I am not connect to either my phone or computer all of the time and we have had a flurry of activity that I would have appreciated internet access. First we received Blake’s readoption court hearing date – July 6th. Our case worker, Carole, called and said that she received an email from DCFS. As of June 11th there was a new requirement for homestudies (just IL I think). If you have a water hazard you have to make a statement about it in the homestudy I guess. We have a pond on our property. Carole called and needed to know how many feet the pond was from our house. I of course had to call Justin as I had nooo clue how to answer the question. Turns out the ponds is at least 500 feet from the house. Carole emailed DCFS back with that information and they accepted the statement and (drum roll please….) they had no other questions!! We still have to wait for the official notification letter, but essentially today our homestudy was made unofficially official! Now there will be a flurry of paperwork for us to complete and emails back and forth between us, our homestudy agency, and placement agency. We are doing our best to stay on top of everything.

Ok my head is seriously doing the nodding thing and my eyes have fluttered a few times. I am calling it a night. We praise God for progress today!

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like GREAT progress!!! Yeah!!!