Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baby of the Family

So we haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth as some people have suggested. We are just a little busy with everyone’s schedules and end of the school year activities. I am enjoying my time at home so much. I am very disappointed that on Tuesday I have to return to work for a few weeks to finish out my contract. It seems as though all of the new routines we have established will all be undone in this short period of time. I am trying my best to just focus on the positive and remember how lucky I am to be able stay at home after I finish this last little stretch of work. It is a little surprising to me how well being a stay-at-home mom suits me (although there is very little staying at home).

Boston is changing so fast. He rarely throws fits anymore. He is a quick learner and it didn’t take him long to figure out that throwing a fit was not in his best interest. He is learning so many new words and phrases. He is even showing his sense of humor! Justin and I were commenting just the other day that now we realize how there becomes ‘the baby of the family’. We agree that because we know that this is the last time we be going through the toddler stage we are cherishing it so much. We are ‘those parents’ that find every new thing that Boston does just as cute as can be. Instead of people telling us to enjoy every moment because it goes fast we know from firsthand experience that it goes wayyyy to fast. So we are really enjoying having the baby of the family to help us remember to slow down any chance we can to enjoy each of our four children in the stage that they are currently in – even with the challenges each stage brings.

I still want to do a post about our donation to orphanage and share some information about the Orphans at Play organization that is being started up by another family that has been blessed with a little boy from the Vladivostok region of Russia. After that I will just post on our family blog.

Thanks to everyone who has checked in on us. We really are doing well and giving God the glory for taking us on an amazing journey that challenges us every day!

Here are a few pictures from tonight.  We went to Madison's circus performance!


michelle said...

That second picture is fantastic!! What a great moment to capture!

Sabrina and Giorgio said...

I was just thinking the other day that my baby was growing up too fast and I'm enjoying every little minute with him and watching his excitement about every new thing in his world. We're so blessed to have this time! Can't wait to catch up REALLY soon - so much to talk to you about.

Christen L said...

You should cherish every moment!

I can tell a huge difference in B. His hair is so healthy and full looking now!!

Btw, Frank directed me towards reading the blog. He came home yesterday and said "Justin finally updated the blog." I laughed to myself thinking, "Yeah right... just like you update ours... never." ;) Love that he reads your blog, though.

Do you think you can send me a link to your other blog?